Sunday, March 20, 2011

Christianity and Happiness 101: Breaking Down the Beatitudes Pt. 2

I am hoping that this will be encouraging, and that others will want to contribute and share with their friends. I encourage people to comment and share this as much as they are willing to. If anybody has anything to add or just a prayer request or anything.. do not hesitate.

I want to keep doing this for a long time, but it is hard to keep doing it without knowing that it is making some kind of impact.

If you or somebody you know wants to be happy, this may be a good tool for that.

This post I am going after Matthew 5:4

"Blessed are those who mourn,

For they will be comforted."

Ok, so for anybody who has not read the first post. You should because this is a process that builds on itself. Definition of blessed.That link is to the first post. Come back when you have caught up.

Side note: This blog is for anybody who wants to read it, but I am writing from the assumption that you know some stuff about the basics of Christianity. If you have questions about anything, I hope you ask me.

So, what does it mean "blessed are those who mourn"?

The first thing I think of when I think of mourning is death.

King David speaks about sorrow in Psalms 30

"weeping may remain for a night,

but rejoicing comes in the morning."

So mourning is expressing sorrow. It is an act of being broken and vulnerable.

It means not trying to internalize the emotions of sadness, of despair.

It means to grieve or deeply regret something.

We can all pretty much agree to that.

But.. what is it that "those who mourn" are supposed to be mourning?

I think, and this is interpretation not direct Scripture, that the thing which is being mourned is in direct reference to the verse that came before it. I think the Beatitudes are building blocks. As we understand and apply each one, we grow and then we add the next one.

So we are mourning the fact that we are nothing.

But then God comes into the picture.

"For they will be comforted."

We know who "they" are, but what is comfort?

Being comforted is being soothed. It is being helped. But it is something which has to be accepted. An offer of comfort can be made and rejected. We need to actively seek the comfort and accept it when God offers it to us.

How does God comfort us?

He gives us "peace that transcends understanding" and "daily mercies".

He gave us a love which he expressed in the sacrifice of His only Son.

He draws near to us and the more we seek Him, the more He lets us get to know who He is.

He speaks truth into our lives through our prayer life, through meditating on His words, through fellowship and words of encouragement.

So the problem is, why do we not always feel comforted?

Well firstly, we have to humble ourselves. Then we have to let God break us.

Because just like an artist has the right to reshape his work of art, God has every right to break us and remake us in an even more amazing way. And the comfort that He offers, just like the kingdom of heaven is both a promise for the future (there will be a day He wipes away all of our tears) and a promise for today. God says he sent the Holy Spirit to be a "Great Comforter".

But until we are vulnerable and transparent, until we allow all of ourselves to be exposed to His healing light, we can receive that peace, that comfort, that healing. So lets pray together for brokenness. That God would break our hearts and reshape us to be even more like Jesus.

How to be Happy

Step 1: Be humble, receive power and responsibility.

Step 2: Be broken, accept the gift of the Holy Spirit for comfort.


  1. Being "broken" and "vulnerable" has always been difficult for me. But ever since the service where your father broke bread there was something in that service that made me open up a bit. It's something I have been working on since then. I feel this has helped give me another push. I can't help but feel that there's something else in this that I'm missing. Maybe I'll find that part out later. Thanks:)

  2. I have always warned people to be careful when praying for brokenness, because it will blast you. At the same time, I often encourage those very people to allow themselves to feel that brokenness, because God is able and willing to re-build us into masterpieces.

    God is Good!