Wednesday, June 29, 2011


He is God of the universe, the King of all; He who created all that is and holds everything together in His palm. He stopped the sun and moon in the sky. He set His plan of loving sacrifice in motion before sin existed and the need was apparent.

Who are we, with our doubts, with our lack of faith, to limit Him? He gives life to the dead; He heals the sick. Nothing exists without His hand.

He offers us a place near Him, but we are nothing without that. We can have no understanding of His mysteries except what He allows us. 

Apart from Him, there is no knowledge or wisdom. Without his Love, we would know no love. We were made in His image, and we have the audacity to assume His ways may not be greater than ours.

What is greater than He?
Who has power over Him?
No one!
Yet we still believe so often, that He is meant to be understood fully by our feeble minds, to be constrained by a box as we would have Him be.

We are not the source of His power. It is not He who would cease to exist without us. He put every star in the sky and every hair on our heads. He knows each star by name; He knows the exact number of our hairs.

So then lift up your voice and praise Him!
Lift up your head and sing!
Let your soul be glad for his eternal mercies.
Let your heart be overwhelmed by His peace.

And take joy, which in its purest form is to delight in the sovereignty of a loving God.

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