Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chicago Bound

John 13:35
Jesus said, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

I have been accepted to a year of service in inner city Chicago which starts September 1st. This is really exciting to me because it will be an amazing opportunity to really serve a community for God and to live Christianity out in community. I get to love people and meet their needs by partering with a service agency and volunteering 4 days a week to either mentor kids and keep them out of gangs or work at a homeless shelter.
I appreciate your prayers, encouragements and any other support I may get from you in advance.
This is just something I wrote kind of in response to my feelings about what I will be doing for God.

Sometimes I feel like
I’m a sheep in wolf’s clothing
When I get this sense of self loathing
From the church cause I feel like I don’t relate
And I hesitate to act and it’s too late
Calling myself a Christian will associate me
With things I know Jesus hates, see
Like condemning and judging
By legalistic rules taught by men
And if it wasn’t working then
What makes people think it’ll work now?

And it’s so terrible
Often times it feels unbearable
Like Christ has become unshare-able
Because everyone else is so scare-able
When they are judged for their actions
For not being part of the political factions
They get ridiculed and scorned like sideshow attractions

And it’s so ridiculous that their “immoral behavior”
Somehow could stop us from sharing our Savior
And when I think about the Great Commission
I get a vision of a rescue mission
And by my own admission
This derision and division
Has caused me to make this decision

Because I know separating wheat from chaff
On a map or a power point graph
Has never been our job to do
We’re witnesses called to speak what’s true
And the sick, poor and needy
We are here for you

So when we sit down to our Sunday chicken dinners
And we feel like we’re big winners
Cause we don’t know any “sinners”
I feel like that in no way resembles Jesus Christ
Who would never have to think twice
About sitting down at a table
With anybody willing and able
To accept him
And we’ll say, “We love everyone..
Except him.”
Because so and so is such and such
Or maybe they sin too much
And we are all in such a rush
To reject them
But Jesus said, “Accept them
Just as they are.
Because what you do
To the least of these
You do to me
Even the dirty man
With skin disease,
He is the one you ought to please;
The prostitutes and gamblers,
The lowly food handlers,
The down and out
Without a way out,
They’re the ones
The gospel’s all about.”

When we help them
We may be entertaining angels
But we’d rather entertain ourselves
Because we don’t relate to the feeling of desperation
Or elation when in the right timing needs are met
Because we always forget
God is Jehovah Jireh
The Provider
He is the Great Physician
Not some cheap magician
His love conquers hate
It’s what we’re called to duplicate

So I want to help rescue humanity
From total depravity, sin and vanity
From pride and selfishness
Not just with abstinence
But with selflessness
Serving with deference
Forgoing my own preference
Forgetting my sinful desires
Because that’s what it’s gonna require
To inspire those stuck
In the muck and the mire
And my goals are so much higher
Than getting rich and ready to retire
Because I am so tired
Of feeling like a liar for hire
By selling heaven as insurance
So folks can just avoid the fire
Because a relationship with God’s
Not a hard sell, it sells it self
Jesus’ gospel’s so strong
It never needed my help

And I refuse to get caught up in what matters not
I wouldn’t think twice before I sell all I got
Because I know that’s how the Kingdom of Heaven is bought
It’s a pearl of great price, so nice
That once you get it, you got it for life
And my money’s worth so much more
When it’s given to the poor
That’s what it’s really there for
Cause where my treasure is
There my heart is, too
Which is why building the Kingdom
Is all that I want to do

I know my reward’s
Gonna be sublime
Cause I wisely invest
My talents and my time
In heavenly things
It’s like a 401k
And when I get to that place
There’s gonna be a payday
Saving souls and bearing fruit
Is the name of the game
Jesus said it himself
So I know it’s safe to say

But most of all
We should love God
And one another
And if you wonder
Who’s your father or your mother
Your sister or your brother
Anyone who loves the Son
Won’t stop till they’re done
Serving God and each other

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