Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Devil vs. Humanity

This is a story poem. Unlike most of my recent writing which is more floetry.
I hope I have done this subject justice.

Let me tell you this old story
To introduce my father God in all His glory
He sits on His throne
Judging all men alone
Satan the accuser
And abuser of grace
Will be the loser
Put back in his place
As he faces the only begotten Son
Of the Holy One
Who is our advocate
He’ll be more than adequate
If we let him win
We’ve already won

By my recollection
It was always His intention
since before our conception
to offer His affection and attention
by divine intervention
an invention for exemption
to get our defection
from the kingdom of deception
to His place of protection

Seems like we slow dance with temptation
and everyone from every generation
and nation since creation
will receive a citation
to face this same accusation
which could result in either
damnation or salvation
depending on our invocation
both of them are master’s of elocution
the prosecution presses for execution
but the advocate offers a substitution
that will bring us absolution
and the judge comes to this resolution

“Here’s my finding:
the Law indeed is binding.
So the punishment will fit the crime;
Somebody has to do the time.”

The prosecutor says “Look here!
It’s said that the wages of sin are death.”

“Look again,” say the counsellor
“Because with his last breath
a Savior said, ‘Paid in full.
It is finished.’
And by his blood being spilled
the whole Law is fulfilled
the man who was killed
was raised from the dead,
and he ought to be praised
because he has said,
‘Anyone who follows me
will be set free from mortality.”
He said this with finality,
and within the bounds of legality.”

The Son is completely enthused
As He turns to address the accused,
He is resplendent and transcendent; He says,
“Defendant, if you are fed up with carnality,
being held hostage in bondage
then redefine your reality,
and defy the principalities’ brutality
by embracing my new morality.
And even though you may struggle
with the duality of your flesh
and your spirituality,
my liberality shows no partiality.
I offer my vitality to you all in totality.”

To he who let Him defend them
The Judge says, “Well done,
good and faithful servant.
I see you know my Son.
Your hope has been fervent.
You were trustworthy with my gifts
while you were in my employ.
Now enter into my kingdom,
and share in my joy.”

But to those who faced Satan alone
The Judge says from His throne,
“Though it brings me no pleasure;
by your own measure you’re measured
So depart from me,
for I never knew you.
You rejected my Son.
you rejected what’s true.
You turned from my mercy,
so we are now through.”

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