Friday, July 15, 2011

Why God Does Not Want To Be Made Part Of Your Life

There is this terrifying misnomer that I have heard floating around the church world. It says this: God wants to be part of your life. He wants to be included in your life. He just wants to help you improve your life.
Now, follow me here, I am not saying, “God does not want to be in your life.” I am saying “God does not want to be part of your life.” He does not want to be a hobby or a pastime that you invest a little time, a little money, and a little energy into. He does not want to be some life coach who you call whenever you have a problem, but don’t really want anyone to know about. He does not want to just be present in your life on Sundays and one or two weeknights when you do "churchy stuff."  He does not even want to be a lover who you share almost all your secrets with. He wants everything, all of your life, all of your time, energy and money. He wants to be reflected in every aspect of you, and not the same you from before you knew Him, but a new creation, a new person. He wants you to start looking more like Jesus every day.
So when you are at church, at work, at school,or anywhere with people: friends, enemies or strangers- really it does not matter where you are or who you are with- God wants you to realize that your life is actually entirely His. He wants that to be reflected in how you speak, act, and live. He wants you to be an example of faith, love, and purity. He wants you to realize you are a witness, your entire life is testifying who God is, and He wants you to testify truthfully. God wants you to embrace abundant life; that does not mean checking off a list of things to do or not do. That means He wants you to feel His power transforming you, and He wants you to feel His renewal, His daily mercies. He wants the love He gave you to pour out from your life into other people, and because God's love is so pure and unconditional, that is what He wants our love to look like.
But if there is one thing God wants most of all, it is that you desire to know Him, to love Him, that you would want to grow your relationship with Him. God knows that it is not an overnight process becoming like Jesus. He knows that you are not going to just wake up and never doubt Him again, never have anymore questions. God wants you to struggle with Him because in order to wrestle with God, you must first be intimate with God. And that is the thing He desires of us, the thing which glorifies Him the most, to know and love us and to be known and loved by us.

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