Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Saintly Sinner's Prayer of Abundant Grace

My eyes are red and teary
For I worship men and idols
But do not turn to You, the Living God

Turn my heart away from iniquity
God, revive me even as I turn from You
You are a merciful and gracious God
Your Kingdom reigns over my heart

I have been consumed by my own consuming
I have been owned by the things I own
I have fooled myself into believing
That you accept my idol worship

Redeem me in this place
Break my heart again
For my lack of justice
Because I have forgotten compassion

Put fire in my heart to refine it
And tear down the strongholds within
Bring me to ruin before Your great mercy
Because my heart has turned from You

You, the God of my father
Who offered to redeem me
While I was yet a sinner
I have laughed at You
And spit insults at Your name

My hardened heart needs to be broken
Bring me to my knees, O God
Give me hardship; persecute my body
So my heart may rejoice
As I turn my soul back to You

I cried out to you at night
And fasted for many days
But my prayers were a foul odor
Because of my self-righteous hypocrisy

I will cry out loud
"You promised never to forsake me!"
But I have forsaken You
For the idols my hands made
I have consecrated offerings to material things
And raised others above Your name

I will say to You, O God
"I am of Your people
I am Your very body."
But You saw the poison in my bones
And the cancer in my heart

Your servant is made small
And I will ask You,
"Where are the sheep I am to feed?
Where have they all gone?"

And You say to me,
"Shepherd boy, cry out.
Turn your eyes back
to the cross and
you will be healed again.
I will return to you many more sheep
than you or your father have seen.
I will make your soul and body awaken
 with the joy of grace,
the mercy of peace,
 and the Law of Love"

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