Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Revolutionaries

“Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.”

Your whole Christian life, from the moment of salvation to your last breath, should be a reflection, a story of God’s grace and God’s glory. When you live by the sword, and God’s word is our sword, you will die by the sword. Whether executed like Paul and Peter or dying naturally in old age like John, we will die for what we live.
We are called to a revolution, not a cultural, political crusade, but a revival of Spirit. We need to bring forth a massive repentance. One hundred eighty degrees, turning from darkness toward light. To do this we must be radical. Radix is the root; radical is back to the roots. The root of Christianity is Christ. We must go back to Christ. Not the theology of lamentation of the cross, or celebration of the empty tomb, but the theology of Christ the center must consume us. Without Christ, the cross and the tomb are merely props. We love Christ crucified and Christ risen, but always our hearts and minds and souls are for loving Christ.
The moment is now. Christ did not say, “It will be finished.” He said, “It is finished!”
God is not the I will be or the I ought to be. He is the I AM!!
And he is saying, “Choose now who you will serve. Today is the day of salvation.”

So our response is to obey, because to love Christ is to obey Christ. And he calls us to make disciples, to be witnesses, to teach the things he has commanded. The revolution is a viral movement of the Church, thriving in the margins, multiplying through the power of the Holy Spirit. It starts now. Are you in?

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