Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reflections from Missio Dei retreat

This is something I wrote during an amazing retreat with my Moody Crossroads folks.
God was definitely speaking to me, and I hope something from this can speak to you.

Today is the day of salvation
Missio Dei, hope for all nations

Like Midas, I have a gift
But instead of turning to gold
Everything I touch falls apart
I’m a walking disaster, entropy manifest
I’m the original sin, my flesh is death
Drink deeply, but I’m never refreshed
I’m out of breath; no rest
I try harder, but am never the best  
Striving to thrive, but I just make a mess
Do I survive? Yes, but
I want abundant life. I guess I am blessed
But I feel cursed. I get away from myself
Can’t keep myself under control
I feel my body perishing; takes a toll on my soul

But glory, that’s not the end of the story
My body’s a tent; I’m promised a mansion
My spirit is stagnant, but I’m promised expansion
I’m redeveloped, now I am growing
From the seeds Christ’s been sowing
The righteous harvest of peace is showing
And the best piece is knowing
I have been loved, redeemed and esteemed
Received when I was filthy, now I’ve been cleaned
Clothed in white robes; washed in the blood
Seated in the throne room in heaven above
As I wait for the Day, I know grace is enough.
I was under the curse, now I know that I’m loved


The heart of worship is a humble heart. It is a heart that knows in the presence of God, we are nothing unless he says otherwise. And as he chooses to raise some and lower others, we hold to the fact: his favor is undeserved.
So bask in grace; savor mercy. Condemnation fades in the face of his awesome love. We are no more worthy to be spared than ants at a picnic, yet he pays the price, the infinitely high price, to purchase us. To save us from our own desires. He had caught us red-handed, lawbreakers all, and dead to rights could have sent us to execution. But the righteous judge steps down from the bench and takes our place. he dies and dies and dies until the full payment has been made. He climbs back to his rightful place, faces our accuser and with the swing of his gavel He proclaims, “Innocent!”

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