Friday, June 1, 2012

Woke up this morning with my mind on Jesus

During my last week in Chicago, I had some great quiet time reading some scripture and praying on the back porch overlooking the garden, and I wrote these poems as a reflection of God's beauty shown to me through nature.

Imago Dei
I am a tree rooted in grace
I will not wither
I am the morning sun, rising
Each day God renews me

He lifts me up
I am a lamb, feasting in the verdant fields
I am filled to abundance
I am the garden; God is in me
I am a bird who soars
My wings are hope
I am the soil in Spring
Seeds sprout and from me grows new life
I am the image of God
His creation, His very nature
I am a squirrel gathering
I am the ant laboring
My work is not in vain
I am a cloud, shaped and moved
By a fresh wind
None see where it goes
I will go for it
I am the toil, the workmanship of God
His eternal poem
He etched me into the universe
He formed me and breathes His life into me
I am the image of God
His Creation, His very nature

A Psalm of Praise

Your Word shines forth like the sun
It is a lamp for my feet
Before me there is never darkness
Nothing illuminates my life like Your Truth
Nor does anything blaze brighter than Your Law
In me you draw out compassion and charity
For You are the wellspring of Life
My way is You, the narrow Way
You are a shepherd, you lie down at the gate
And none pass through to harm me
You call my name and lead me
I am nourished at the sound of Your voice
Wolves gather on our right
And thieves gather on our left
But You will protect me from those
Who would harm and deceive
Who would tear me to pieces or steal me away
When I wander, You seek me
When I stumble, You correct my path
When I fall, You carry me
Lord there is none like You
Worthy of all praise

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