Saturday, July 28, 2012

On Grace and Tolerance

"When love is a theory, it's safe, it's free of risk. But love in the brain changes nothing... love is too beautiful a concept to keep locked up behind a forehead like a prisoner." -Bob Goff

“When the Truth is demoted to an opinion and grace is replaced by tolerance, society will call fools all who cling to such antiquated traditions as universal truth and morality. But there are those who will stand firm on the Truth, and cling to a hope that none can see. They will choose to embrace a cross which offends, to face mockery and ruined reputations. It is incredible how sure they must be of their Truth to suffer so much for it.” -Anonymous

Jesus did not preach or practice tolerance, but he preached and practiced something even more difficult and liberating: grace! You will inevitably be amazed when you experience his grace; any grace you experience which does not amaze you is a false grace. A God who has no tolerance for sin offers unending grace to sinners. So to be like Christ, we should not tolerate sin but offer grace to fellow sinners.

One of the most immoral things we can do is declare cultural war on immorality. Morality is not a banner under which we gather an army; rather, it is the result of a relationship with Christ. We should spend our efforts introducing Christ to those in culture, not condemning all culture in the name of Christ.

A person who holds homosexuality and abortion above all other sins then calls himself a "conservative Christian" is in reality a theological liberal; because they have taken a few sins and declared war on them but leave most others sins such as gluttony, divorce and drunkenness untouched. That is the worst sort of hypocrisy; it is the plank in our own eyes.

I understand that to some, this is a human rights issue.; if a human right is what a person is born deserving, the only human right is hell. All things beyond that are the grace of God. And as we have been shown mercy and been given favor by such a patient God, should we not show as many graces to as many of our fellow humans as we can. If we choose to condemn one another, we choose to condemn ourselves, for by the measure with which we judge, we will be judged by God. We should not quarrel any more over the rights of man, but humbly offer to all the divine graces we so undeservedly received.

To be Biblically conservative, one must generally be a socially and economically liberal person. Jesus came as a liberator, a freer of people, not to conserve the religious, political, economic status quo. And all who find hope in Washington instead of Christ may well have missed the Gospel's main point.

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