Friday, July 27, 2012

Searching For Eden

I had a dream. I was riding a motorcycle down the highway, in search of Eden, my one true love.
I came to a roadside diner, and I knew I was hungry. I sat down at the counter between some folks and the waitress, Judy, turned to me and asked, “What’ll you have, hun?”
“Coffee, and...”
I turned to my left and asked the lady next to me, “What do you recommend?”
She smiled sweetly, “Oh, try the apple pie.”
I turned to my right and asked the man there, “How about you?”
He looked at me and said, “What I like is expensive.”
“I guess I’ll have the pie.”
“A la mode? Need another? asked Judy.
I nodded as she put out a cup of joe and a fork on a napkin.
I sat waiting for my pie, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the guy next to me. It felt like he had something to say. “So what is this thing that costs so much?”  I asked.
“It is not expensive the way you think. I would pay for yours, but you would never be able to leave here; you’d want it for the rest of your life.” he told me.
The lady to my left tapped me on the shoulder, “Pay him no mind. He is old and confused. Just enjoy your pie.”
Judy placed the pie on the counter, and poured me more coffee.
I took the fork, cut a chunk off, and took my first bite.
It was an intense feeling. The lady next to me stood and took me by the hand. She walked me to the front of the diner, and we stood in the doorway. She said, “This is what I have to offer you.” She stretched her hand out before me, and I could see everything. “The world is yours. I will give you a great education, a job, a wife and kids, a nice house, a beautiful car. All the comforts of life can be yours. Just finish your pie. Liberty and prosperity await you.”
The man approached me, and he pointed to the things she had offered me.
“I have another offer for you. It may sound odd, but it truly is more satisfying. You will have to be willing to give up the education, the job, the family, the car and the house. All you have to do is follow me wherever I go, and I will give you so much more than you could even imagine. Don’t finish the pie. Eat my flesh and drink my blood, taste and see that I am good.”
I stood at the doorway, each had a hand on one of my shoulders. She pulled me toward the pie, and I followed, but I looked back and saw the man reaching out toward me. The passion in his eyes spoke to me, “I love you, and yet you walk away from me. You are headed toward a poisoned apple, a rotten fruit. Just reach out for me and you will be safe. I can take you to Eden.
I stopped dead in my tracks.
“How do you know about Eden? How can you know about my one true love? Eden is the joy and peace and love that I dream of; she is the comfort I seek. I would give anything to find myself in Eden’s embrace.” I demanded he tell me.
“I am Eden, child. I told you I am everything you’ve ever wanted. Don’t you see? Only I can satisfy you. I am who you seek.”
I wrested my hand from the woman’s grip, and even as I ran from her she showed her true form, a rotting corpse, seething with hatred. The things she promised me rusted and the whole world fell to pieces around us. All that was left was the man and I, and I knew I had found Eden.

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