Monday, August 27, 2012

Fight Night

Here is some new spoken word. 

I start fights online late at night
Because I think that I’m right
But if I’m fighting with the wrong heart
I’m not in the right
So I’m writing songs
It’s my way of righting wrongs
Spreading light into the dark night
Only Christ can be our white knight
In shining armor
And I mean to alarm Her

Because the Church is the Bride
In a bona fide mess
A damsel in distress
Look for a blessing
But we do most the cursing
It's disturbing and
Here is the worst thing
Jesus isn’t our first thing
When did we stop thirsting?

Now we’re second guessing
So where is the blessing?
Why are we stressing?
Are we dressed in a white dress
Pure as snow, welcomed as a guest
Into the eternal heavenly rest?
Or just a hypocritical critic, a pest?
The body is malnourished
We’re starving to death

Skin and dry bones
We need to be fed
Only the bread of life
Can resurrect the dead
Grow up into Christ the head
We choose uniformity over unity
This divisiveness is lunacy
And it’s brutally clear to me
Jesus is saying “just draw near to me”

He didn’t say “go into culture and take over”
He said “go into the world and be my witnesses”
He didn’t say “legislate a morality makeover”
He said “go and make disciples”
If you are putting your hope in DC
Instead of helping the guy on the street
Loving the gal that you meet
Maybe you’re just shuffling your feet
Going through the motions
Evoking the  right emotions
But you’re empty and you’re broken

Maybe we should focus more on reconciliation
Have less debates and more conversations
Get off the internet and go into all nations
And I don’t mean to take a vacation
Have you read the great commission?
It reads like the orders for a rescue mission

I know it seems like a strange thing
But if we’re gonna change things
We gotta love our neighbors,
And loving our neighbors
Is gonna mean loving some strangers
It may come with some dangers
But God loves everyone
Regardless of backgrounds and behaviors
Suburban teenagers and gang bangers
Can receive the same savior
Jesus Christ was born in the manger
Threats came at him his whole life
Till it ended as he died on the cross
It’s good if you wanna count the cost
But are you gonna tell HIM about danger?

He started the Church movement with some orders
He said “Go and make disciples”
Don’t worry about borders
I don’t know if it matters where you go
But one thing I do know
He didn’t say “stay in your comfort zone and make disciples”
So we gotta get going
Follow the Holy Spirit
Like the wind that is blowing
Because our river of life is flowing
The Glory of God is our light
It should be showing showing?
If the Church is alive
She should be growing

So get your heart right
And fight, fight, fight
With all your might
Day and night
For what’s right

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